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  • Regular website pages and landing pages are both key elements in creating an effective website and online marketing campaign. But what is the difference between a landing page and a website page?

    A regular webpage and a landing page are distinctly different, regarding accessibility, navigation, format, and purpose. Understanding these differences is essential for developing a successful online marketing campaign.

    Website Page VS. Landing Page

    how to create a landing page

    Website development can be confusing for the average business owner. The main difference between a regular webpage and a landing page is the differentiating purposes.

    Purpose of a Website Page

    A regular webpage essential nurtures leads through engagement and education. The purpose of a website page is to draw audiences deeper to explore your website and interest them in learning more.

    Website pages also provide menus, relevant internal crosslinks, and informative external links and resources. These pages are designed and formatted to spark interest and educate audiences about your brand, products, and/or services.

    Landing Page Goals

    A well-designed landing page is an effective tool for lead generation. A landing page is developed exclusively to fulfill a specific marketing intention, gather leads, and increase conversions. The content on a landing page provides audiences with limited information only related to this specific offer, product, and/or service.

    Page Accessibility

    how to create an accessible page

    Website pages are developed to be easily accessible. These sites can be accessed via menus on the website and generally are linked to one another throughout the site.

    Landing pages, however, are only accessible through a specifically designated digital space. These standalone pages are visible on search engines, via an email link, social media post, or other online advertisements.


    Website pages can be developed to serve numerous functions on each page. It is easy for audiences to navigate to other pages and access additional data on the website.

    Landing pages are developed with specific intent and possess little navigational functions to accomplish this unique goal.


    landing page content

    A regular website page is generally lengthy and informs audiences with the intent to spark interest rather than make a direct sale. The intent to educate audiences means that the content on a website page is not limited in scope, length, or other restrictions.

    The landing page content is used specifically for marketing and is kept short, concise, and target-specific.

    Elements of a Landing Page

    how to create an SEO friendly website

    The purpose of a landing page is to push audiences to engage directly with your business and convert. Landing pages are simple in format and content to eliminate distractions and specifically benefit your desired action.

    • High-Quality Image
    • Compelling Headline
    • Clarity
    • Information about a Specific Promotion
    • Call-to-Action or Form

    Elements of a Website Page

    Website pages are a part of a series of pages that are developed to showcase your organization, products, and/or services.

    • Multiple images/video content
    • Several text sections that reveal various information about your organization.
    • Breadcrumbs, navigation tools
    • Wider scope

    How to Develop a Landing Page

    The first step in developing an effective landing page is to establish an intention. Decide what the page will be designed to accomplish.

    Landing Page Goals Include:

    • Purchase a Product
    • Invest In Services
    • Sign-up for a Newsletter
    • Subscribe to a Channel

    Next, you will need to develop the landing page content. Choose a webpage template with one image, and a single text area, and create a landing page title.

    Landing Page Content Should Include:

    • Use the text area to entice audiences with a strong offer in clear, direct content.
    • Include a call-to-action and ensure that all links are functional.
    • Add sharing icons for social media to promote your marketing efforts.

    Choose which digital channels you will use to share this landing page. Utilize email to send the promotional page to a targeted list of potential clients. Share this page on social media and add a link to the page in a relevant blog post.

    Landing Page Analytics

    how to create a website

    There are several analytics points that must be evaluated to understand the performance of your landing page.

    Conversion Rates

    The most revealing key performance indicator (KPI) is your landing page’s conversation rate. This represents the number of people who choose to fulfill the page’s intended goal.

    Bounce Rate

    The bounce rate is the percentage of people who view a website and did not convert. A high bounce rate may indicate that your landing page presents an unclear message and/or a misleading promotion.

    Professional Website Development

    difference between a landing page and a website

    Website design is vital for running a successful digital marketing campaign. Allow a team of professional website design experts to help you develop an effective marketing campaign.

    Exults Digital Marketing Agency specializes in website development, including core website design, landing page creation, search engine optimization, and more.  Request a custom quote today.

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