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  • We’re totally biased, but we like the word “exults”. It’s the name of our company, and it rhymes with “results” which is what we’ll produce for you (shameless plug for the win).

    In case you don’t know the definition of the word “exults”, here you go:


    I’ll be honest. It can be a difficult / awkward word to use when you’re not talking about South Florida’s top internet marketing agency (did it again, ka-ching).

    For example…

    • “I nailed that exam! Let’s exult tonight at Hard Rock”
    • “STAND UP, and EXULT for your Miami HEAAAAAT”

    We should all be looking to expand our vernacular though, and for that reason, we want to highlight the biggest opportunities to use the word “exults” in 2016. Essentially, I compiled a list of all the people that had the best reasons to celebrate in the past year.


    1) Peyton Manning exults because he just won a Super Bowl that he maybe didn’t deserve

    I mean no disrespect (cue the disrespect) but, Peyton wasn’t any good during the 2015 NFL season. The Broncos’ defense carried that team in spite of Manning’s sub-par play.

    That doesn’t mean that Manning didn’t deserve to exult his Super Bowl victory though. If you won the jackpot at a Dania Jai Alai slot right now, you’d be exulting. It’s totally cool to exult when you get lucky.

    2) The Chicago Cubs exult because they’re 1 World Series closer to the Marlins’ 2

    The ineptitude of the Chicago Cubs for the last 100 years was almost unbelievable. The Marlins… the frick’n Marlins… won 2 World Series in the last 20 years!

    The Chicago Cubs and the whole baseball-loving city deserved to exult after that highly anticipated Game 7 win over the Indians.

    3) LeBron exults because he got everything he wanted

    This guy… this guy.

    He leaves the Cavs, and he wins championships and MVPs. He leaves the Miami Heat, and he wins championships. Every move he makes, he gets what he wants.

    4) Cersei exults because (spoiler alert) she destroyed all the annoying characters in Game of Thrones

    That scene in this past season finale of Game of Thrones was so good. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, start binge watching  the show now.

    5) Netflix exults because they continue to change the landscape of TV

    Netflix continues to innovate and change television for the better. Their original programming is on point. The way they release shows all at once is great. Their machine learning recommends the best movies.

    6) Uber exults because they’re fixing our public transportation woes

    People typically think of Uber or Lyft as better taxis, but they’re more than that. They’re better forms of public transportation in spread out cities like Miami or LA. Certain cities are actually subsidizing Uber to be their primary form of public transportation.

    What should we have included in our list? Comment below.

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