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  • In the midst of having over 288 million active users, there are bound to be users that are interested in learning more about your business. In order to drive more people to your page and your company, Twitter suggests that a Followers Campaign can be just the thing to help you promote your Twitter to a large pool of potential customers. Below are examples that could potentially drive more people to follow your business on Twitter.

    Accentuate your abilities:

    According to a Twitter business customer insight study, followers want to learn about your new products. Tell your Twitter audience your page will be there go-to source for the newest trends and product updates.

    Offer benefits to following your page

    Guarantee that your page will share tips and ideas that will intrigue people and leave them wanting more from your products.

    Welcome people into your community

    Let people know why your Twitter is so great and charm them into joining in. Explain how your business brings like-minded people together to discuss shared interests.

    Feature advantages to your page

    Persuade people to follow your page by hinting at future deals, prizes and giveaways they could become a part of.

    Remember these tips!

    Be sure to remember these simple rules when posting to your Twitter:

    – Be direct in your Tweets; include something such as #followus

    -Understand what gets the best response by testing different methods. For example, incorporate different photos & messages into your posts and see what works best with the largest audience

    -See through your campaign by sharing the type of content promised


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