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    Pinterest has joined the bandwagon & has finally announced their expansion of interactive ad products by rolling out new video ads they call Cinematic Pins. These Cinematic Pins are similar to Pinterest’s current ad products, Promoted Pins, but unlike their Promoted Pins which are essentially photos blended into the home feed, the new Cinematic Pins are motion-based.

    Pinterest hopes that their Cinematic Pins will be a new and improved way of blending in advertisements. Unlike companies such as Facebook, which start ads automatically (without sound) when they appear on a device, these Cinematic Pins will move in relation to how quickly a user scrolls through, and aim to give brands the ability to “tell their story” with motion.

    Pinterest’s Cinematic Pins will have several ad-based tools for advertisers. For example, advertisers can target the specific audience they want to reach, taking users’ interests into account and how they are engaging with Pinterest.

    Below is a video explaining just how interactive Pinterest’s new Cinematic Pins really are:

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