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  • A company called imperson is leading the way for the bot revolution on social media websites. The pioneering platform, imperson.ai, can be used on social media websites such as SMS, Amazon Echo, Twitter, Slack, Kik, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. This ai will deploy, test, and create conversational bots.

    Agencies and brands alike can make use of these bots to conduct conversations with potential customers. They will have natural learning, personality, relationship memory, and intent capabilities. This will give companies a powerful way of reaching out to their customers, and educating them on products before a sale is made.

    Erez Baum, co-founder and CEO of imperson, says, “We see enormous potential in the fast-growing bot market. The current bot experience is still very primitive, with menu-driven experiences that don’t allow brands to differentiate their voices from one another. The release of our new platform will enable creative people in brands and digital agencies to create richer and deeper bot experiences that can converse with consumers one-on-one to develop a more engaging relationship.”

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