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  • Google, the world’s leading search engine, has just made a deal with Twitter that could finally be the spark the search giant has been seeking for to help reignite their core business. This marks one of the many new advancements users can expect from Twitter. Integrating tweets into Google will not only be beneficial to Twitter, but to Google as well. This deal will make Twitter more searchable, and more importantly increase the amount of people who are able to see tweets. Through integrating tweets into real-time Google search it will hopefully get their advertisers to pay more for access to tweets.

    By recently launching new innovations such as this deal with Google, as well as their recent announcement of syndicating promoted tweets across the web, CEO Dick Costolo has been making it a point to show that Twitter is accelerating their rate of product development. Just this week, Twitter has also unveiled a “quick promote for small business,” which will make it easier for small businesses to pay to promote tweets. Twitter is also currently trying out a “logged-out” homepage, which will make Twitter accessible to people who have not signed up or who may not be interested in tweeting altogether. What will be next for Twitter? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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