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  • Proper structure in a Google AdWords account can make or break the success of your account. There are many benefits of efficient campaign structure – some tactics that will assist with your AdWords campaign strategy are day parting, geographic targeting, advanced budget controls and many more additional customizations.

    Building out campaigns for product offerings and service areas are very important. Product offerings can vary and would need campaigns setup based on the type of products or product themes.

    An example would be – you own a furniture store and have a variety of products – potentially living room sets, dining room sets, bedroom sets. The campaigns you could structure would be one for each product area – you could call them “living room sets”, “dining room sets”, and “bedroom sets”, each campaign would have a specific budget allocated based on many factors that could include search volume, demand volume meaning clicks to your ads, revenue potential for your store, the highest probability to sell for your business.

    If the same furniture store offered residential and commercial furniture – you could create a campaign for “residential furniture” which would have keywords like “home furniture”, “furniture for my house” and a separate campaign for “commercial furniture” which would have keywords like “office furniture”, “waiting room furniture” and many other related terms.

    Campaigns are also beneficial for the negative keyword side of things. Campaign “Negative Keyword List(s)” allow you to assign a number of keywords not to be bought by the search engine across a number of campaigns by only entering the keyword once. It is important when adding negative keywords to the campaign level that you add it in the right match type format. The preferred match type for negative keywords we like to utilize are negative keywords exact match followed by phrase match negative keywords. We sometimes see broad matched negative keywords which we would highly recommend against. Broad match is Google’s wildcard keyword and a broad negative keyword may be blocking keywords that would be opportunities for your account.

    Additional benefits of separate campaigns include budget allocation as well accounting for values of various services you may be offering.

    Campaign settings allow for many targeting strategies in the AdWords network. We hope the above detail will assist you in creating a more effective campaign structure strategy.

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