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  • Digital marketing continues to change how we all do business – from engaging with a website to doing research about a brand via the search engines or social media.  Consumers with digital access can check out your business online as well as shop your competitors right in front of you.  The reality is – if your business is not vying for consumers with an effective digital presence your business is completely missing the boat!

    The environment today is digital first!  It has been for years – Amazon did not start with opening a physical bookstore and Google did not start by opening a physical library.  When people call us and ask about what they should be spending online – they need to treat it not like shopping for a car and providing the lowest number possible – digital needs to be first!  Digital is an investment, not a cost!  A local business in today’s market may need to spend thousands of dollars a month just to feel an impact and reach a qualified prospective buyer.

    Okay so to delve into some ideas to assist in growing your business through digital marketing, start with an awesome website that looks great and has call-to-actions so people know how to engage with your business.  This means a visible phone number and a form – or way for a website visitor to submit their information.  If you are selling something make sure there is a way for people to buy it.

    When it comes to social media, make sure to secure your handles (account profiles) on networks you feel are relevant to your audiences as well as potentially securing handles on additional mediums in case a social platform grows.  Make sure the name (handle) of your profile is relevant to your business – if the exact name is not available, add a word that describes your business to the social name or something that is simple to remember.  Some of the more popular social profiles to secure currently are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Plus.  In addition, you should secure your MySpace profile – just kidding – this just goes to show you how some these social mediums may die out or disappear.  Also, make sure when you claim your Google presence to submit to verify your listing – you can find more details here to claim a Google listing.

    The above are just a few ideas to begin to get your digital presence more established online.  Read more details on our website if you want to learn additional information about digital marketing opportunities or email me at Zach.Hoffman@exults.com if you have any questions or want ideas.

    Thanks for reading,

    Zach Hoffman

    Exults – Founder & CEO

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