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  • A report has found that Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) has provided retailers with double their revenue year over year in Q2. Andre Golsorkhi, CEO of Sidecar says, “More retailers are making Google PLAs a cornerstone of their marketing mix,”

    He goes on to say: “Google has long understood the efficacy of product listing ads and is doubling down on them. The reason is simple: They work. Google PLAs let retailers connect their relevant products to consumers, and let Google deliver on its value proposition of helping consumers find what they want in that moment.”

    Retailers are excited for the ROI involved with these PLAs because the number of clicks every year increased by 125%, and the number of orders by 92%. The retailers are very much interested in how to take advantage of product ads. The amount of online retailers opting to use Sidecar’s Google Shopping optimization technology in the second quarter compared to the first has doubled just based on these results.

    Sometimes a good website isn’t all it takes to gain the most traffic. It takes custom reporting like these PLAs to make the most out of your business.

    Read the full article here.


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