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  • Mobile devices are the new convenience standard- surpassing tablets and laptops.  They’re easy to carry, full featured, and always connected. As the saying goes, “due to overwhelming demand…” your search results will now be even more refined on a mobile device.

    Starting April 21st websites that are mobile friendly will be clearly labeled if you are browsing from a mobile device. Additionally, mobile- friendliness will be a ranking signal thus giving websites that mobile compatible ranking priority to mobile visitors.

    If you’re concerned about potential limitations on your site, you can use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test resource. The tool will outline any inconsistencies or load issues along with showing you what your site looks like on a standard mobile browser.

    Check out how our own site did:

    exults - mobile site


    To address this new shift, we recommend either developing a dedicated mobile site, or converting your existing site to a responsive format. There are advantages to both, and ultimately the most effective method will depend on your needs.

    A dedicated mobile site is best for local businesses that offer several products or services, or are looking to drive foot traffic. A mobile site should be a condensed version of your main site and have the pertinent information potential customers would need quickly. Examples of this could include contact details, address, pricing information, or product offerings.

    Responsive design involves re-coding your existing website to actively respond and adjust to screens of all different sizes. This format works for businesses that provide products or services that require more information or involve a more in depth buying cycle. In this case, even if on a mobile device, users will be looking for information to support their decision.

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