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  • When developing your company’s social media accounts, it’s essential to consider the needs of both mobile and desktop users. Follow these four tips to optimize your social accounts for desktop and mobile users.

    Make Sure Cover Images Look Great on All Platforms

    Creating a dynamic cover image is important for all social platforms. After all, you want to convey your brand identity and let followers know exactly who you are. Keep in mind that most social sites require different cover image dimensions for desktop and mobile, which could mean your image is cropped strangely on one platform vs another. Some platforms, such as Facebook, require text to be in within certain guidelines in the middle of the photo which can require some editing compared to Linkedin or Gooogle Plus. You want to ensure all logos, slogans or copy don’t get cut off due to dimension differences.

    Create Ads Specific to Desktop or Mobile Users

    When you want to attract only desktop or mobile users with your social media ads, take advantage of targeting options. Keep in mind what device your target market will probably see your posts or ads and edit them accordingly. When creating Facebook ads, you can view how the ad will appear on every device so you can optimize and ensure everything is edited properly. You can even target your ideal user’s device type solely to make your targeting extremely specific if you think one device is more effective then another.

    Think Carefully About Copy Length

    Consider the length of your ad copy when targeting followers on different platforms. Desktop users may be willing to read longer posts, but mobile users are far more likely to prefer copy that’s short and to the point as well as posts that they don’t have to expand to read in their entirety. Conciseness is key – people are looking for the highlights and compact information. Using bullet points and bolded highlights can help people understand the message you are conveying and hopefully spark their interest.

    Ensure Visuals Are Easy to Understand

    Both desktop and mobile users are attracted to images on social media, but not all images work well for both platforms. Images with a lot of small details or indistinct colors might work just fine on desktop, but mobile users could may not be able to see them properly. When you want to target mobile users, try bright, saturated images that are easy to decipher on a small screen.



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