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  • Your physical store provides a variety of opportunities to market products in a number of ways. Keeping up to date with the latest trends ensures that you are able to grab the attention of a casual walk-in with the hopes of making a sale. Here are some marketing trends to consider:

    • Relevancy of the local area: making sure you provide what the local community wants is going to be a key marketing strategy. For example, if there is a local college team that attracts huge crowds then top-selling products might be sunscreen, seating cushions, and sunglasses.
    • Tablets: populate your store with tablets spread out so that customers can get engaged with what you have to offer. They can browse through weekly deals, or enter an e-mail address to give you an opportunity to market to them on a regular basis, giving you a much better chance of making a sale.
    • Customer service: train your staff to engage customers so that they feel like they are looked after. The best way of making staff care about the success of a sale is to give them an incentive to make the sale – it’s human nature.


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