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  • Facebook Targets Younger Users with ‘tbh’ App Acquisition

    Facebook is extremely popular with the older generation and subsequently, many younger people associate it with a place where their parents hang out. Those who already have a wide circle of friends on the network aren’t expected to become inactive on the social platform, but if social circles aren’t established (the case for teenagers), there isn’t much incentive to join the network. Apps like Instagram and Snapchat have a higher rate of engagement with teens than Facebook.

    In response, Facebook has acquired an app called ‘tbh’ to engage younger users. The acronym stands for ‘To Be Honest,’ enticing users to send anonymous feedback to other users. With 5 million active users signed up, teens are using the app to send positive remarks or compliments to their friends.

    The app presents prewritten options including  “Who makes you laugh the hardest?” or “Who has the best smile?” with an option of four friends to choose from.

    Tbh only permits pre-written compliments that have been approved by the app to keep a positive atmosphere and help users feel validated. Many anonymous messaging apps were failures due to the controversial and negative responses that were allowed on the platform. Apps like YikYak and Sarahah were condemned because critics said they promoted cyberbullying.

    “We built tbh because we believe that social networks should make us feel better about ourselves – not worse,” the company wrote on its website.

    When the app’s team met with Facebook they found common ground, realizing they have a lot of the same core values about connecting people through positive interactions.  In a statement to TechCrunch, Facebook wrote: “tbh and Facebook share a common goal — of building community and enabling people to share in ways that bring us closer together. Instead of competing for likes for validation, Facebook is embracing an app that promotes complimentary behavior and true connections. There’s a reason why Facebook is the king of social media – always responding to the newest trends and actively finding new ways to approach and connect with target markets.

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