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  • When embarking on your internet marketing campaign, it’s important to remember how critical your online advertising decisions will be to your success. A vast number of e-commerce businesses leverage the internet as their sole marketing source. With the endless choices available when marketing via the internet, it’s easy to lose focus — so keep asking yourself “why.”

    Why Advertise Online?

    You may want to keep your internet marketing to a minimum in the first place. If you’re selling Seattle Seahawks gear, you’ll want to capture the attention of as many locals as possible. Instead of blanket internet marketing, concentrate on networking with sports fans via local bloggers.

    It’s the same scenario when you vend things that can’t be shipped, such as services. If you run a day care, online advertising will only be effective when you target people in your town. Keep this in mind when setting up internet ads — they’re easily tailored to appear only to people within a certain physical range.

    Why Choose Certain Forms of Advertising?

    What are your company goals? You may want sheer numbers because your income is from traffic and banner ads. If you’re selling tangible items, sales are the end result. You might be marketing something new, like a never-before-seen technology, so widespread brand awareness could be your aim. After all, there are many channels for internet advertising, such as:

    • Banner ads
    • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads
    • Viral campaigns
    • Social media
    • Email marketing

    Why Seek Help?

    Internet advertising can be costly, especially when using heavyweights such as Google AdWords. It may seem a waste of funds to get a consultant on board, but understanding why, how, and where to apply your advertising budget can make the difference between success and bankruptcy.

    The seas of internet marketing can be choppy and difficult to navigate. Reach out to the professionals at Exults. We can help you understand your goals and learn how to reach them!

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