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  • Social media platforms are a wonderful way to reach customers and fans of your business. Using social media correctly and avoiding these mistakes will help your business marketing strategies continue to be successful.

    1. Don’t Combine Business And Personal Accounts

    Even if most of your clients are personal friends, keeping your business separate from your personal life is a must when it comes to social media. You are allowed to have multiple social media accounts, so use the opportunity to promote your brand separately. Combined accounts can cause political and social opinions to affect the success of your marketing, as well as your business as a whole.

    2. Don’t Leave Your Profile Incomplete

    Leaving your business profile incomplete looks unprofessional and can be confusing to clientele. Utilize the opportunity to share more about your company and give fans and customers the opportunity to learn more about your company’s personality.

    3. Don’t Forget To Update

    If you create a social media account, but fail to add fresh content, you aren’t doing anything for your customers or your business. Updating regularly with deals, new information and fun facts about your company will keep your clients engaged and knowledgeable about your current state.

    For more tips and advice on managing your social media, call Exults today at 866-999-4736.

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