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  • It’s no secret that voice search is changing the way that people search for things online. In 2017, 13% of American households owned some type of smart speaker. By 2022, it is expected that this percentage will go up to 55%. As a business, knowing and understanding how to use voice search, how it works for potential customers, and what its capabilities are is crucial.

    Keep reading to learn more about how voice search optimization can help your content marketing strategies.

    What is Voice Search?

    Voice search is a type of speech recognition technology that lets users search for something using just their voice. It was originally designed as a software application, but is now being used by smart phones, smart speakers, and other devices.

    This technology has been around for quite a while and is continuously being developed for new markets. As it has started to become more common, it will likely continue expanding in how it can be used. As times goes on, it’s likely that this popular type of searching is going to continue to grow and can potentially dominate the way users look up information.

    Voice Search and Content Marketing

    You may be wondering why you should care about this as a business. Why would the popularity of voice search impact you?Search engines are placing more emphasis on voice searching optimization because of it’s popularity. From an SEO perspective, this type of searching is important to consider because of how often it’s being used.

    The goal of all search engines online today is to help users find the information they want fast. Search engines also help consumers find businesses that offer the products or services they’re searching for. User experience is an important ranking factor, and voice searching makes the user experience much easier.

    There are some easy ways to balance your SEO strategies and rankings for voice search, such as:

    • Write content the same way you would say it out loud
    • Make sure that your website loads fast and is responsive
    • Add in featured blocks when you are creating content
    • Concentrate more on your local searches and community information
    • Think about keywords and how they translate to speech
    • Create a site map that is easy to read and understand

    See our blog on the power of audio SEO.

    Dominating the Search Market

    As more devices are brought to market that support voice search, your strategy to capture these users is going to become increasingly important. Start outlining your strategy now so that you will be able to reap those benefits in the not-so-distant future. If you’d like to get some extra help, feel free to contact us to optimize your website for voice search technology.

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