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  • google search engineThree of the biggest tech companies reported quarterly financial results on Thursday, and as per usual, Google, Amazon, and Apple extended their usual dominance of the global economy.

    But who are we really focused on here? In the world of internet marketing, we focus on Google.

    Despite a growing number of controversies, it’s business as usual at Google parent Alphabet Inc. The company recorded its 32nd consecutive quarter of revenue growth of 20% or more, continuing to establish its general dominance over the industry – the Search Engine King of the Jungle.

    The 2017 Fourth Quarter earnings revealed sales of $32.32 billion and a profit of $9.70, which were lower than Wall Street expectations. Despite the stock drop, Google’s core ad business remains healthy, which has helped push Alphabet to a 24% year-over-year increase in sales.

    Why might you ask?

    Google handles nearly 92% of internet searches, owns the world’s dominant video site (YouTube), and continues to build in other areas. Its cloud computing alone brings in $1 billion per quarter, according to Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai. It’s no surprise that Google overshadows all other search engines.

    “What time does Starbucks open?” “I don’t know. Just Google it!”

    No other engine has its own verb. Case closed.

    In other news, the social media guru, Mark Zuckerberg, announced Facebook is making strides toward developing more meaningful connections. By changing the algorithm for the core News Feed, many investors have raised eyebrows due to a subsequent reduction in time actually spent on Facebook.

    Zuckerberg said, “By focusing on meaningful connections, our community and business will be stronger over the long term.”

    It’s clear that Facebook is actively addressing user experience and maintaining a sense of community and meaningful connections. This should help sustain consumer usage and subsequently grow advertiser demand into the future.

    If you have any questions about adverting on Google or Facebook, one of our search or social media experts can assist you online or over the phone.

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