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  • If you haven’t already heard the news- Apple’s potential switch from Google is heating up in the marketplace. The deal between Apple and Google that secures Google as the default search engine on Apple’s Safari browser is expiring soon, meaning bad news for Google if the two companies don’t reach an agreement. If their deal falls through and Apple decides to switch to a different default search engine, Google could likely lose billions of dollars in gross revenue. Not only does Google potentially stand in losing about 10% of their gross revenue, but more importantly if Apple ditches Google, they would be getting boxed out of one of the most profitable and rapidly growing markets in online advertising. By 2018, the mobile advertising market is estimated to be valued around $42 billion. Safari accounts for approximately 43% of the mobile-browser market, which Google could potentially be missing out on as well. Since the deal is very much so under wraps, only time will tell what search engine Apple decides to sign on next.

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