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  • As any professional Internet Marketing agency should do, we track our own brand name with various tools as it emerges on the internet (more on that later). Most of the times we get a lot Bible verses, but just a few days ago though, we got a more interesting-than-usual alert– a namedrop (of sorts) on popular news website Newser with none other than President Barack Obama.

    Find the article here or (preferably) just check out the screenshot below:

    President Obama exults at healthcare reform

    Political views aside, we thought it was an opportune time to newsjack go back through Obama’s presidential history to uncover a few other times where he may have exulted. Please note: this is not a comprehensive or politically-biased list. Take this blog post for what it is…a silly listicle. We apologize in advance if you were trying to find an actual useful political article.

    1. When the President won the election

    This seems like a no-brainer to start here. Obama had a lot to ‘exult’ when he made American history by becoming the first black President.

    Obama wins the presidency

    2. When the President picked UNC to win it all in 2009

    Obama is historically bad at making March Madness brackets, but in 2009 he struck gold with his UNC pick. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out for him the other 3 times he picked the Tar Heels to make the Final Four. His current championship game this year is Michigan State vs Louisville (ouch!).

    In 2009 President Obama picked UNC to win the championship

    3. When Obama appeared on Between 2 Ferns

    While we didn’t see the President exult in public on the popular Funny Or Die sketch, we know he did later in the Oval Office. By being smarter than every other (less hip) US President, he was able to drive an unprecedented amount of traffic to Healthcare.gov through a viral internet video.

    Barack on Between 2 Ferns

    4. When he got to appear in Tag Team’s “Whoomp There It Is Video”

    Ok, so maybe he didn’t ACTUALLY appear in the music video, but the idea of it being true when the Huffington Post first wrote about it in 2010 made us exult. Check out 1:01 of the video for his non-cameo.

    In conclusion, a couple things….

    Always Monitor Your Brand Name

    You want to control how your brand is portrayed publicly on the internet. It’s always better to be proactive versus reactive when a maybe less-than-ideal article pops up using your company name. There’s a million of these tools, but for starters, utilize tools like:

    – Google Alerts for new results on Google
    – Mention.net for both the search engines and social media
    – Pin Alerts for Pinterest

    The article that spurned this blog post was neither good or bad, but let’s pretend it was bad. There are tactics that you’d want to employ to bury or hide the negative search result, so that the search results that do appear on the first few pages of Google are positive. If you ever need these kind of services (known specically as rep management and more broadly as SEO) feel free to reach out to us, 954-763-1130 and we can advise you how to proceed.

    And just in case…

    Dear Barack,

    If you’re reading this because you were being proactive finding your ‘brand name’ on the internet, nice job on social media– you really get it. Also, if you ever need any rep management for you, Michelle, or your Democratic friends, hit us up at 954-763-1130 and let our receptionist Mariela know that I referred you.

    Miguel, Social Media Director at Exults


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