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  • Recently, both Google and Amazon released their quarterly earnings to the public. Google reported a revenue of 24.75 billion while Amazon touted revenue of 35.71 billion, their 8th profitable quarter in a row.

    Not too shabby… not too shabby, indeed.

    To illustrate just how much money that really is:

    • Google could throw a Fyre Music Festival every weekend for 9 years (Kraft Singles sandwiches included)
    • Amazon could throw a Fyre Music Festival every weekend for 13 years, and probably pay off Ja Rule so that he never puts together another music festival ever again

    If that didn’t help illustrate the immense revenue both companies made this past quarter, take a look at this very technical chart
    Digital Advertising is Going through the Roof

    (chart source: not Wall Street Journal)

    Current mood at Google and Amazon…

    How is Google STILL on the rise?

    AdWords and YouTube, plain and simple. These two platforms have been driving the bulk of Google’s revenue for a while now, and there’s no sign of slowing down. That, plus throw in the revenue from products like Chromecast, self-driving cars, Pixel, Android, and award-winning robotic bloggers (not a thing yet, but hopeful).

    How is Amazon doing this too?

    More and more people are buying items online. Just last week, I bought toilet paper on Amazon. Toilet paper! I live less than a mile from a Publix, and yet I chose to order my toilet paper from Amazon because it was both cheaper and more convenient with 2-day free shipping (assuming I have the foresight to order before I run of TP and/or avoid the temptation of Moe’s in the next 2 days).

    The point is, I’m buying toilet paper on Amazon, and you (and a million others) are too– most likely using Amazon Prime for shipping.

    Add Amazon’s increasingly popular cloud-computing services, and you can understand why Amazon is on a roll.

    What about Facebook?

    As of right now, Facebook hasn’t released their quarterly earnings, but reliable experts are predicting their earnings to be somewhere between A LOT and Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales. 

    Facebook Ads along with AdWords continue to dominate the digital ad landscape. It’s tough to imagine another ad platform slowing them down in the near future.

    Why are we sharing all this with you?

    There’s a reason why Google, Amazon, and Facebook are doing so well. The world continues to become more digital, and these three companies are at the forefront of the movement.

    Reach into your pocket right now, and that bedazzled Hello Kitty smartphone case you’re touching is protecting the vessel that’s driving a ton of purchases that used to happen at a physical brick-and-mortar.

    Not only is everything online now, we carry the whole internet with us wherever we go. It’s pretty wild when you stop to think about it.

    Here’s what we know

    You know that your customers are hanging out on Facebook. You know that they’re researching your product on Google. You know that they’re buying (or considering buying) your product on Amazon.

    How do you make sure you don’t lose the sale?

    • Highly targeted Facebook Ads + retargeting
    • Strategic search terms + retargeting on AdWords
    • Product placement on Amazon

    It’s really that simple.

    Is your customer typically a 25-year-old male who lives in Fort Lauderdale and buys fishing equipment? You can target that exact person through Facebook for a relatively low CPC. 

    Is your customer searching “conventional fishing reels”? You can make sure your website shows up at the top of the search results through AdWords. 

    Do you have your own e-commerce store, but know that you’re losing business to competitors that sell on Amazon? If you can’t beat them, join them. Consumers trust Amazon. 

    You’re in luck!

    Exults has experts for AdWords, Facebook Ads, and e-commerce that would love to help your business succeed. All you have to do is call 866-999-4736, and tell them this blog post sent ya.


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