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Although there are many different aspects to effective Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO or Search Engine Marketing), a pivotal component is the effective use of keywords. To become a successful online business, companies need to attract the right customers to their website.  Most of them will first arrive after having typed a word or phrase into a search engine. Here at Exults, we know how search engines ‘work their magic’ to send customers accurately to the content they are looking for.

The secret to achieving top ranking on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) lies in good keyword research. Search engines not only scour the web for the exact word or phrase entered by a prospective customer; they take an intelligently semantic approach to searching. Search engines seek out results that match the meaning of the search query, including synonyms and relevant terms. Defining the keyword right is essential to attracting prospective customers to your site.

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Exults’s expert analysis begins with experienced keyword research. Effective keywords are not simply plucked out of the air or left to luck. A great deal of careful analysis and research is conducted to find the most relevant words and phrases with high keyword search volume. We will look at your site, your product and your mission to determine exactly which keywords are likely to have the highest keyword search frequency to direct the most traffic possible to your website. This keyword discovery is all about finding the words and phrases that most accurately describe the product or service that you are promoting or delivering so that search engines will find it quickly and effectively.

After a list of the best keywords to target has been compiled, Exults implements a strategy known as keyword optimization. This ensures that your onsite content contains enough incidences of the relevant word or phrase in the right places to attract the attention that you are looking for.

These processes might sound simple but they often involve complex analysis of a large amount of data. Exults uses a methodical keyword research strategy which leaves nothing to chance. We evaluate keyword competition using advanced techniques to determine how many sites are using the keywords relevant to your product or service. This allows us to find the best opportunities for optimization. We also calculate the optimal keyword density (the percentage of keywords to other words in your text) and keyword search frequency (the number of times your keyword is used on a page) for your content.

If you have worked hard to develop an idea and you want to secure the best possible returns for your efforts, selling your concept or product on your own website can be a highly successful form of enterprise. Exults can help turn an inspired idea into a successful product through our professional Search Engine Marketing efforts.

Video Description
  • Keyword research and optimization is important if you want to get noticed by the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Researching and discovering high traffic keywords with low competition is crucial to choosing keywords that are a good fit for your website. In this video, Zach Hoffman, CEO of Exults, explains how to select individual keywords and how to assign them to each page of your website for search engine optimization.

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