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  • Google AdWords can offer a smart solution for driving traffic to your company’s website. If you’ve researched potential keywords for your pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns, however, you’ve likely noticed that pricing varies wildly among keywords. Take a look at five of the most expensive AdWords keywords.

    Business Services

    At a cost per click (CPC) of over $58, “business services” is by far the most expensive AdWords keyword in 2017. There’s heavy competition for this keyword, but with a successful campaign and an appropriate price point, it could be worthwhile for your business to pay that high price tag.


    Online casinos aren’t legal everywhere, but their popularity is growing rapidly in many parts of the world. At a CPC of more than $55, it’s clear that “casino” is a keyword that primarily high rollers can compete for.


    With a CPC of nearly $55, “lawyer” is a pricey keyword. If you offer legal counsel, it may be better for your budget to compete for lower-priced keywords that are more pertinent to your firm’s specialization.


    From health insurance to auto insurance to homeowners insurance, protecting yourself and your property is a hot topic. At a CPC of over $48, “insurance” is an expensive Google AdWords keyword and one that can be tricky to compete for, especially if your profit margin is slim.


    As universities vie with each other to advertise their online degree programs, it becomes increasingly difficult to capture that search traffic organically. At a CPC of over $47, however, “degree” isn’t necessarily easy to design a PPC campaign around, either.

    Whether you’re dealing with expensive or affordable keywords, you need an AdWords campaign strategy that works for your business. Find out how Exults’ search services can drive traffic to your website and put your brand in the spotlight.

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