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  • Television on a lonely road. ExultsIt’s often said that television killed the radio, but could digital media wind up bringing the end of television? Keep reading to learn more about the rise of digital media and the decline of television.

    Consumers Are Cutting the Cord

    Although it’s happening slowly, Americans are cutting the cable cord and doing away with traditional television. Currently, the reduction is about one percent a year. While that doesn’t sound like enough to hurt television, the problem is the decline is coming from the younger viewers, which is television’s most coveted group.

    When They Cut the Cord, They Don’t Come Back

    While television once thought it had a loyal customer base, more people are leaving cable each year instead of joining. Even worse news for cable is that when these customers leave, they almost never come back. Instead, they head to subscription video-on-demand services, which are usually cheaper than cable and easier to customize.

    People Are Consuming More Digital Media

    Even though people are slowly leaving television behind, their appetite for digital media is only growing. According to one online measurement firm, the total amount of time Americans spent with digital media increased by 49 percent over the past two years. Additionally, between June 2013 and June 2015, time spent consuming digital media on smartphones grew an incredible 90 percent.

    Even Live Sports Can’t Hold Consumers

    For some time, live sports programming was the one bright spot for television, and it was still very attractive to broadcasters and advertisers. However, changing user behavior is even starting to erode live sports ratings. In fact, the 2018 Winter Olympics were the least-watched Olympics on record.

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