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  • To celebrate Chad Stannard’s, Search Engine Specialist and famed hamburger connoisseur, work anniversary here at Exults a few members of the team came up with fun questions for him to answer. Get to know a little about Chad below:

    What are the most hamburgers you have eaten in one day?
    6 (real hamburgers, not the 99cent ones)

    What is the best burger eating technique?
    Cheese on bottom bun to prevent sogginess

    If you could have any song play when you enter a room, what sound would it be?
    Kill The Noise – Kill The Noise (part 1)

    How does it feel to have the inferior beard?
    Is this a challenge? Accepted!

    Do you think disc golf will be in the Olympics?
    International Olympic Committee formally recognized the World Flying Disk Federation. Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee are gaining popularity; I think it is looking good.

    What is your funniest memory at Exults?
    Going to the public library during a power outage to learn about internet marketing from 10 years ago.

    What is your favorite internet marketing quote you have heard through your journey?
    “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing” -Tom Fishburne

    Thanks for all your hard work over the last eight years. Keep up the good work!

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