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  • It’s no secret that ChatGPT has entered the scene in 2023. With universities installing AI screening software and business owners raving about the new tool to help with writing and brainstorming tasks, people everywhere are exploring its capabilities. 

    AI may be all the buzz right now, but it’s nothing new. 

    For instance, have you ever communicated with a chatbot? Taken advantage of your email suggesting the first sentence or subject line? Used editing software to help improve your writing skills? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you have experienced the power of AI – whether you realized it or not.

    The truth is, AI comes in many forms and has been changing the way businesses work for a while now – especially when it comes to driving meaningful results for your marketing

    ChatGPT Is Leading The Technical Revolution

    ChatGPT Exults

    Taking the business world by storm one prompt at a time, ChatGPT is changing the inner operations of businesses across the globe with digital marketing at the forefront.

    Integrate marketing campaigns that bring results. Reach out to Exults today for a custom quote.

    The Evolution Of ChatGPT 

    Whether or not you believe it’s been a game changer, ChatGPT has certainly made a name for itself. After previous versions meant for applications such as video games, OpenAI released a new version built on top of the former with a language model chatbot included. 

    The results have been met with awe. The first takeaway is the AI’s ability to perform infinite demands with a prompt command. With a little further utilization, users have been continuously wowed by the AI’s ability to follow along and adjust its outputs based on conversation history. 

    While it does not currently perform the conversational functions that chatbot-specific AIs have excelled in, it doesn’t mean that won’t be happening soon. However, conversational functions or not, ChatGPT is making strides in the marketing industry – especially in social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

    Curious about how ChatGPT can optimize your business? Contact Exults for a custom quote today!

    Why So Many Companies Are Using ChatGPT In Their Marketing

    Technical advances are constantly changing the digital marketing landscape. From automation and optimizations to augmented realities and a reduction of human labor hours, the technical revolution can’t be ignored. 

    With so many advances, why is ChatGPT creating a bigger buzz than the rest? Simply, it’s streamlining the existing functions in a way that’s never been seen before.

    The amount of work ChatGPT can help with would have been unfathomable only a few years ago. These days, AI users can explore the intricacies of ChatGPT without sign-up fees or restrictions. Meaning, digital marketers have seen the results and it comes down to the detailed input. Overall, the more detailed the prompt, the more detailed the response. 

    Market Research Analysis

    Need to see how your brand is stacking up against the competition? What used to be a job role in its own right can now be completed with a well-thought-out ChatGPT input. 

    To perform your own market research analysis, ask ChatGPT to create an assessment of the similarities and differences between competitors and your own business. Include parameters such as branding, messaging, pricing, and marketing positioning. Furthermore, ask ChatGPT to provide a detailed report that includes charts, graphs, and tables. And ask, “What actionable steps can my brand take to improve and be better than the competition?” 

    From the results, you will not only have a clear understanding of your brand’s current standing, but you’ll also have visual representations to present to your business partners and investors. 

    Content Creation

    How do you stay relevant in today’s world? Many businesses are finding success through social media. But the caveat is you have to consistently create and post across your social media platforms. 

    Finding the time to do this has held many businesses back…until now.

    With ChatGPT, you can fill in the social media section of your editorial calendar with specific prompts. To do this, tell ChatGPT to create social media captions for the platforms you use. Then include in your input to focus on unique, eye-catching, on-brand, witty, and aesthetically pleasing copy. 

    Take it further by telling ChatGPT that the goal is to capture the attention of your current audience and any potential new followers with hashtags for the most visibility. Add that you want it to continue this process and create a content calendar with the same parameters for 3 posts a week for a month – or however many posts per week you need. Finally, tell ChatGPT that all posts should utilize varying verticals for this content creation.  

    The ChatGPT response will lay out a social media content calendar that would take a person hours to complete. 

    Email Responses

    How do you focus on tasks when the emails just keep rolling in? 

    It can be time-consuming and distracting to shift gears to respond to emails. But now with ChatGPT, you can have AI draft these responses for you.

    Write a prompt demand telling ChatGPT to respond to the following email. Include any parameters necessary. This may include the tone, whether you want to agree or disagree with any questions, and so on. Then, copy and paste the sender’s email under your prompt. 

    Capabilities like these allow ChatGPT to work in the background while you work in the foreground. Like having a personal assistant without the added expense, ChatGPT is giving businesses more multitasking power than ever before. 

    What To Expect From ChatGPT Moving Forward

    Nothing breeds innovation like competition. With that in mind, we expect OpenAI to continue releasing improved versions of ChatGPT. 

    It will not be a surprise to see new functions that were once primarily known to be specific to other AI platforms. For example, ChatGPT may hone in on focused conversational abilities to offer more abilities to OpenAI users. 

    Overall, expect ChatGPT (and other AI platforms) to introduce new versions that pull from each other’s capabilities. 

    A few of the specific AI benefits that we can expect to further improve include:

    • Expedited content creation
    • Reduced human labor hours
    • Improved automation and optimization

    When used in digital marketing, professionals are already able to exceed what was once the standard. When treated as the tools they are, it’s an exciting time to see how AI continues to positively impact the businesses that utilize the platforms to optimize their marketing. 

    Exults’ Take On The AI Platforms

    ChatGPT exults

    As a digital marketing agency that truly drives results, the Exults team doesn’t back away from innovative tools that improve our processes and increase productivity. 

    For over 5 years, we have utilized AI in various ways to help our clients reach their goals. With that being said, when there are tools available to you, such as ChatGPT, use them!

    By optimizing our process with automation and more, we are able to support our client’s growth goals. Because when it comes to improving your business through digital marketing – you need a team willing to go the distance and use the best tools available.

    Ready to boost your efficiency with a team that can support your growth goals? Contact Exults for a custom quote today!

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