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Social Advertising

Knowing Your Audience

Based on your goals, blended strategies that encompass multiple interaction points are the most effective approach. Because users on social media are a passive audience, the creative utilized has to be extraordinary to incite action. Each social network’s ad platform has different targeting methods, ad formats, and restrictions. Our team can help you select what is the most effective strategy for your objectives.

Facebook Ads

The Exults social media team is skilled in audience identification and creative development- the two most important aspects of developing a successful Facebook campaign. With the advanced targeting options available on the Facebook ad network, we have the ability to create highly targeted campaigns that will reach people most likely to turn into customers. We’ll structure campaigns that are the best fit based on your goals.
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Instagram Ads

On this app, the name of the game is mobile. Because of the limited experience available on desktop, Instagram’s audience is almost exclusively mobile users. That means every aspect of your Instagram campaign should be designed mobile first rather than just mobile friendly.
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Dubbed “the professional network,” LinkedIn’s base audience is comprised of professionals looking to network online. Ads on this platform need to be direct and to the point. Goals that are a great fit for this network include recruiting, business-to-business marketing, and collaboration.
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Twitter is everyone’s favorite micro-environment for breaking news, trending topics, and user sentiment is also a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. For a successful campaign, it’s most important to focus on great visuals and impactful messaging.
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