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    Instacart, the online shopping platform connecting users with shoppers for a personalized grocery delivery experience, just added a new addition to their mobile app and website. This self-serve ad platform places brands before potential buyers and shoppers for their products. Exults Digital Marketing Agency has some insights to help companies utilize this new service successfully.

    First off, What is Instacart & What’s it For?

    Instacart logo

    Instacart is a growing platform with over 350,000 users in the United States. Users purchase items through the Instacart app or website, and shoppers, working as independent contractors, physically go to the store to select and deliver those goods.

    What Stores Use Instacart?

    Examples of stores that populate the platform with their products include nationally known chains like:

    • Target
    • Aldi
    • Costco
    • BJ’s
    • Publix
    • CVS Pharmacy
    • Total Wine & More
    • Petco

    And other regional and major retailers (Choose your location here and find a list of stores near you)

    How Does the New Instacart Advertising Platform Work?

    The new Instacart advertising platform is designed to help companies and brands get their products facetime and brand impressions in front of customers. Being at the top of Instacart is like being the new eye-level shelf in the grocery aisle! Each brand or product owner can choose which grocery or personal items to promote in order to increase brand awareness with shoppers and potentially increase purchases as a result of seeing the ad. The platform also includes banner and display ads for the marketplace, as well as special ad promotions and other incentives in order to increase Instacart advertising.

    Instacart ads

    1. Choose Your Products. Choose what products to promote so they appear in prominent locations where customers are shopping
    2. Pay for Performance. Set a budget that works for your business and only pay when users engage with your products.
    3. Learn what works. Make data-based updates to your ads to optimize performance.

    Utilizing a new self-service advertising platform, such as this, can be a tricky endeavor for companies. The right demographic must be reached in the proper geographic location of the country – and this can vary based on the company’s target audience. With the goal of incentivizing Instacart shoppers to make the purchase presented to them, these marketing decisions must be strategically made.

    “Instacart’s new advertising platform presents a huge marketing opportunity for many companies with distribution models dependent on the traditional grocery store distribution model. If properly utilized, grocery store brands can maintain and grow their market position with more affluent consumers using these delivery services which charge a convenience fee and delivery tip for shoppers,” said Zach Hoffman, CEO of Exults Digital Marketing Agency.

    Why Instacart Advertising Strategies Are Important

    Instacart has gained popularity in the U.S. as consumers seek a way to purchase groceries and goods from nearby retailers.

    With the increasing popularity of online shopping, Instacart has become a popular option for those who want to shop quickly and easily. Instacart allows customers to order groceries online and have them delivered to their homes or picked up at their local store. This makes it a viable advertising option for brands looking to boost their online web presence.

    Companies selling groceries and CPG products in major retailers are using Instacart to gain an advantage over competitors by utilizing the platform’s convenience.

    How Do I Get Started with Advertising on Instacart?

    Grocery Delivery on Door Step

    Companies that are unsure of how to choose a target market for these new Instacart ads can reach out to Exults Internet Marketing Agency to learn how to strategically navigate their options and maximize their digital marketing results.

    For more information about digital marketing support services and initiatives, please contact us to request a FREE quote today!


    Find this full press release here.


    Why should I advertise on Instacart?

    Instacart advertising offers the advantage of targeting specific customers according to their shopping habits and preferences. By utilizing Instacart’s extensive first-party consumer data, brands have the ability to develop tailored campaigns that effectively reach their desired audience at the most opportune moment.

    Who is the target audience for Instacart?

    The app’s audience demographics show an almost equal distribution between males and females. The majority of visitors belong to the age group of 25-34.

    Is Instacart still popular?

    In 2022, Instacart had 13.7 million active users who made purchases through the app on a monthly basis.


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