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  • Even Santa is checking out Google's Shopping Gift Guide

    The holiday season may look different this year, but the gifting component appears to be in full swing. In response, the Google Shopping Gift Guide has already compiled a list of trends covering which products seem to be generating the most interest in 2020. Unsurprisingly, Exults found that a lot of trends the search giant underscored can be linked back to the “new normal” consumers have faced in 2020.

    Given that people are spending more time at home and supplementing in-person interactions with virtual ones, search trends are reflecting these changes in behavior. Consumers are more interested in items that can keep them occupied at home or improve their technological experiences. 

    Here are some of the online behaviors highlighted inside Google’s Shopping Gift Guide:

    Consumers Want Better Tech

    holiday shopping gift guides are sure to be filled with hi-tech gifts

    With just about everything going virtual in 2020, it is probably no surprise there is a demand for improved technology this year. Many professionals have moved to remote work, and plenty of children are learning remotely as well. Individuals are also using FaceTime, Zoom, and similar applications to replace in-person socialization. Naturally, people are looking to upgrade their devices.

    Google’s gift guide confirms this, revealing that both monitors and headsets in microphones witnessed a 450% increase in searches. “Streaming” searches spiked by 33%, and the search volume for ring lightswhich provide improved lighting when using videois the highest ever.

    With more time spent in front of screens and increased necessity when it comes to video and audio quality, Google’s guide suggests helping loved ones amp up their tech reserve this holiday season.

    Hobbies and Home Improvement on the Rise

    hobbies and home improvement are on the rise in 2020

    The year 2020 not only forced individuals to use devices more frequently; it also pushed consumers to remain at home more often. This may be why Google determined hobby and home-related items are receiving more interest than usual.

    One of the major categories in Google’s shopping gift guide is related to baking and cooking, two hobbies people seem to be fostering with lockdowns and stay-at-home orders effective. According to Google, bakeware and cookware searches have increased by 34% in 2020. Searches for coffee makers and recipes have also reached an all-time high. This means kitchenware or recipe books are likely to be appreciated gifts this holiday season.

    Gaming is another prominent category on Google’s list, with searches for consoles up by 39%. Although gaming searches typically skyrocket this time of year, Google has seen interest hit a five-year high in 2020. This is likely in part due to the release of next-generation consoles like Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S.

    Focusing on Health

    Google's shopping gift guide has plenty of items that focus on health and wellness

    Google focused on both physical and mental well-being in this year’s guide, with exercise and self-care as two of its categories. During unprecedented times like these, consumers are no doubt experiencing increased stress. Perhaps that’s why they’re seeking out items that will alleviate that burden.

    Per Google’s report, self-care searches reached a high this year, increasing by 250%. Gift baskets and care packages have seen increased interest, with searches 130% higher than usual. Skincare searches have also jumped up by 29% in 2020, with Google recommending a number of beauty items in its gift guide.

    In terms of physical wellness, searches for exercise are up by 85% this year. Instead of sitting around during their increased time at home, it seems consumers are making an effort to get in shape. According to Google, search interest for workout equipment has jumped 116% in 2020, and interest in sportswear has reached an all-time high with its 23% increase.

    With such an increased focus on well-being, Google has highlighted fitness and self care-related items for this holiday season.

    Kids Keeping Busy

    Google's shopping gift guide has plenty of things to keep kids busy in 2021

    Whether they’re remote learning, using a hybrid approach to schooling, or simply not seeing neighborhood friends as often, kids have more time on their hands in 2020. Naturally, that means parents are attempting to keep them engaged and occupied. It seems increased play is the answer families are turning to, and this was especially evident when the health crisis first emerged. According to Google, both board games and puzzles saw atypical spikes in interest back in April.

    These are among the items the search engine is suggesting for kids in its gift guides. Searches for roller skates and longboards have also hit record numbers this year, suggesting kids are playing outside more. Whether this will continue through the winter remains to be seen.

    Overall, kids seem just as intent on staying busy and taking up new hobbies as adults. The year 2020 has no doubt tested all of us, but consumers are finding ways to adapt to the “new normal.” Clearly, for many, this also means shifting behaviors when it comes to making purchases.

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