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  • Our Sponsored Networks Specialist, Mike, is celebrating his 3rd year with Exults! To commemorate this great achievement, we asked around the office to see what everyone likes about Mike and maybe a few fun facts:

    His long arms. -Danielle
    This was a fan favorite, but Danielle beat Nick to the punch.


    His love for cats and all things cat related. -Sarah
    Sarah and I agree on this one, but it’s also fun being the only two in the office with cats as their Skype profile picture.

    That he’s made exactly 2 shots in his mini basketball hoop with 100+ attempts. -Karlyle

    Some may have been aimed at Karlyle’s head, but he appreciates that Mike keeps trying. Romayne also enjoys his determination to win the basketball tournament (grand prize is a T-shirt from the babyGap).


    That his drink of choice is vodka with a spritz of soda. –Romayne
    Romayne wonders why Mike even needs to think about those calories. Specifically, calories from Stoley’s and the Red Bull.


    That he’s always asking me to add code to terrible sites. -Nick

    Being in the Sponsored Search department day in and day out, Mike has to find Google Analytics code for each client. To Nick’s dismay, that means always getting roped into figuring out unfamiliar websites.




    Mike, we’re happy to have you! Congratulations again on being here for three years and thanks for basically being the only one to pick up the phone when it rings.


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