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  • why sitespeed mattersA human’s attention span used to be 12 seconds, but in this age of high-speed internet, it’s shortened to eight seconds instead.

    That’s right. People have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

    If you want to catch someone’s attention and keep them on your website, you need to do it fast. That’s why your WordPress performance speed is so important. A slow website will negatively impact the success of your business.

    Keep reading to learn why your website has to be fast and how to speed it up if it’s not there yet.

    The Importance of Website Speed

    Your website has to be quick. If it doesn’t load fast enough, you’re not going to hold a visitor’s attention, and they’ll go find what they need somewhere else. Take a look at how your website speed affects the rest of your business.

    1. Speed Gives a Good First Impression

    People who visit your website for the first time will judge your business based off the speed. If it’s fast, there’s a good chance they’ll think you’re professional and trustworthy.

    If your website is too slow, a visitor may think it’s unsafe. Most people won’t stick around to give you the benefit of a doubt.

    2. Speed Either Kills or Wins Conversions

    Over 40% of internet users will leave your website it if takes longer than three seconds to load. That percentage may not seem very high at first, but take a look at this example.

    Let’s say you have 500,000 people who visit your website every month. If you’re losing 40% of those people, you’re missing out on 200,000 potential customers. That’s too large a number to ignore.

    3. Speed Impacts Your Google Ranking

    Google wants to be fast, and they look at your website’s load speed when they rank you. While this isn’t as important as your relevance and authority, it still plays a part. That means you should be focusing on it too.

    How to Improve Your WordPress Performance Speed

    There’s a number of things you can do to improve the overall loading speed of your website. One of the first things you should focus on is good hosting. This means staying away from shared hosting. Though it may seem like a good idea first, shared hosting makes your website slower and subject to down times.

    So if you want a fast website, start by getting reputable hosting services.

    Of course, if you already have solid hosting services, there are many other strategies you can use to increase your speed. Take a look at some of these options below.

    • Choose a lightweight, fast website theme
    • Use caching plugins
    • Use a CDN (content developing network)
    • Optimize your images
    • Optimize your WordPress database
    • Disable any hotlinks
    • Disable trackbacks and pingbacks

    These are just a few of the options you can use to speed up your website loading time. But any one of these strategies will make your website faster.

    Your Website Speed Equals Your Business Success

    Customers like fast websites. In fact, your website takes too long to load, there’s a good chance they’ll think you’re untrustworthy and find what they need somewhere else. The speed of your website impacts the success of your business, so it’s not something you should ever ignore.

    Looking for some other ways to improve your WordPress performance? Check out this article to learn more about making a mobile-friendly website.

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