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  • Sales and marketing teams can sometimes have a tough time getting along. Like two bickering siblings, they can’t always agree on certain aspects of business and have trouble putting their heads together for the greater good. But this doesn’t mean you can’t turn it around. By explaining the mutual benefits of working together and educating both parties on what the other is doing, you can form a cohesive sales and marketing force.

    Schedule Regular Meetings

    One of the biggest pitfalls between sales and marketing teams is a lack of communication. Depending on the size of the company, this is relatively easy to amend with weekly, or biweekly meetings. During these meetings, you can have a set agenda, open the floor for discussion, or get everyone on the same page. By opening the floor for discussion, clear communication is encouraged and productive collaboration can promote a fluidity throughout the office where both parties can thrive and succeed.

    Realize the Differences

    Sales and Marketing are both ultimately working toward the same goal: To help the company grow and succeed by securing business. How each team does this is what differs. Sales involves more direct contact with clients face-to-face or by phone, whereas marketing is a much more holistic process designed to increase awareness of a brand or product to the target consumer as a whole.

    Align Goals

    Sales and marketing teams have the same goal of growing the business, but if you don’t make a visible alignment of goals between the two groups, it could be rough sailing. Put sales goals and key performance indicators together to show each team the importance of working together and how much more powerful they are when united.

    Salespeople are working directly with the customer. This allows them to gain first-hand knowledge of the customer, which is very useful for the marketing department to use when developing strategies for targeting and content. Open communication and collaboration between the two teams benefit the business as a whole and will maximize ROI.

    Once you’ve described the benefits of communication and working together between your marketing and sales teams, you’ve laid the building blocks for a successful business. If you need an external team to assist your marketing efforts, contact Exults. A leader in internet marketing since 2005, we’re one of the most experienced in the industry. Visit our website or call us today at 866-790-4891 for a consultation.


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