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  • instagram brunchAlthough new updates bring changes to algorithms very frequently, the latest update values interaction very highly. The new Instagram algorithm places posts with more likes and comments closer to the tops of users’ feeds. That way people will see quality, engaging content first. With the previous chronological feed, people often missed posts that were more than a few hours old when they visited the app. Now, they’ll get to see most of the content from their favorite Instagram influencers. Here’s some more information about the new Instagram algorithm.

    More Interactions Make Your Posts More Visible

    Instagram tracks all types of interactions, including views, saves, shares, and DMs. You can increase visibility by asking people to like, share, or DM you for more information. Ask users for suggestions about your products, hold surveys, and reply to comments. Use your posts to start conversations about your brand and your industry. You can increase brand awareness and anticipation for new products and events.

    Instagram Stories

    Stories are a collection of new features introduced in August 2017. You can take a picture or create a 10-second video. A variety of filters and captions are available, and your Story will appear whenever someone taps your business’s profile picture. People can also see Story suggestions by clicking on the Stories section of the Explore page. You can check a Story’s performance by swiping up while looking at it to see the numbers of viewers and their names. Instagram Insights will also give you this information. Each Story only lasts for 24 hours, so you can post a new one every day.

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