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  • The first half of 2017 has been full of Google changes and updates to its algorithm. The goal of these updates was to improve the overall criteria that Google uses to verify the quality of websites in order to create a better and fairer system for everyone. While these updates weren’t earthshaking for many companies, some business owners reported seeing changes in results. Here are a few updates that might have affected you this year.

    The “Fred” Update Had a Large Impact on Overall Rankings

    Some websites report that Google’s “Fred” Update on March 7 caused them to lose at least 50 percent of their search traffic. Many black hat SEO brands, in particular, were upset, which means that this update focused on quality and targeted poor ranking practices. In particular, Fred went after websites that were trying to aggressively monetize their content even at the expense of usability. However, websites with thin content and poor mobile experiences were also penalized.

    The May 19 Update Changed Overall Keyword Rankings

    Many experts were baffled by the May 19 update from Google. This update changed the ranking of thousands of keywords and made several tracking tools react, but not as many people complained about them. Some websites saw a major impact, but many others continued on as business as usual. A few bloggers suspect this update just provided minor changes to better rank websites for quality.

    The June 24 Update Affected Positions 6-10

    One of the most recent updates occurred on June 24, which affected sites who commonly ranked in positions 6-10. This is why many people aren’t talking about the update. It’s common for brands to notice when they fall from position one, but changes below position five are rarely noticed.

    To further discuss Google’s Algorithm changes and how they might affect your brand, reach out to the organic search team at Exults. We keep our finger on the pulse of search engine news so our clients are prepared for whatever comes their way.

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