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  • Keeping up with the latest social media marketing trends is important to avoid losing out to the competition in your marketplace. The social media marketing landscape is constantly changing, what is new one month could be old news several months down the line. Here are some of the latest news you should be aware of:

    • Social slideshow ads: in recent months an increasing number of social slideshow ads are appearing throughout social media. The advantages of social slideshows are that they can make use of pictures, text, and videos. It gives the ad creator a lot of room for creativity. One company, Stance, changed from picture ads to slideshows and the cost per lead decreased by 48%, but the clickthrough rate increased 2.4 times.
    • Live video streaming: a number of social media platforms are allowing the use of live video feed such as Instagram, SnapChat, Periscope, and Facebook Live. It’s the perfect way to build up the level of excitement prior to a launch of a new product. Personalizing your ad campaign, being more relevant, and being more transparent is much more obtainable via live video streaming.
    • Chat apps: previously companies focused more on broadcasting their messages to many potential buyers at once. However, recently some companies have started making use of chat apps to create a more personal connection with a potential buyer. In the future, this technique can have scalability by implementing a few clever bots. Starbucks created their PSL messenger where consumers were able to talk to the snarky PSL, while other companies like Dominos are utilizing iOS 10’s latest sticker messaging options.

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