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  • Link building is one of the most important components of your internet marketing strategy. Choosing the wrong words or phrases to link can lead to disastrous results. You can wind up investing lots of time and money, only to scratch your head and wonder why there’s no traffic to your site. How specific your links are can make a huge difference in your success — or lack thereof.

    Stiff Competition

    If you’re attempting to market custom-engraved wine glasses, it seems sensible to use SEO keywords such as wine glass, plus variants like wineglass, wine stem, and stemware. You’re bound to have plenty of folks searching for these terms on search engines. The problem with vague keywords such as these is that there are tons of sites out there using the exact same terms. You’d be lucky if your site appeared on the first 10 pages of search results.

    Hyperspecificity — Too Extreme

    Let’s say you instead build links with keyword phrases such as “custom-engraved wine glasses for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions.” Sure, if someone happens to search for a very similar term, you’re likely to get front-page exposure. The problem? It’s extremely unlikely that anyone will perform a search using words that specific. People tend to search for much shorter strings of words, and the likelihood they’ll type in something that matches several of your keywords is pretty slim.

    Happy Medium

    The secret is to walk the middle ground. “Engraved wine glasses for weddings” is specific enough to beat out the large drinkware manufacturers, yet it’s still realistic that someone would search all of those words. There are exceptions, of course. If you’re marketing a service that only caters to locals, using keywords as laser-focused as “mobile dog grooming in Palo Alto” makes perfect sense.

    Every business is different, and there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to SEO optimization. Market with confidence! Speak with one of our experts at Exults to create the best possible SEO strategy for your company.

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