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  • Google+ is a vital part of any good business marketing strategy. With over 250 million users, creating an account is an ideal way to reach mass numbers and inform a large audience about your company.

    How Google+ Can Help Your Business

    1. Optimize Your Posts And Post Regularly

    Using keywords that will show up in your followers search results will keep your posts active on our follower’s feeds. The more you post and the smarter you do so, the more attention your social media presence will draw.

    2. Include Relevant Links On Your About Us Page

    When creating your About page, take the opportunity to provide a stellar, but succinct overview of your business and include specific links to the more important pages of your website.

    3. Take Advantage of Google+ Events

    Attend Google Hangouts and send invites for webinars, conferences and sales. Google+ Events allows you to reach your entire audience to market your company in one clean sweep.

    4. Engage With Relevant Users

    Adding value to conversations that you or your business has expertise in ads credibility to your brand and makes your business more than a name. Monitoring these conversations and responding when necessary shows engagement and interest in their needs.

    To learn more about how to use Google+ to better your business, call Exults at 866-999-4736.

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