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What to do now?

Many business owners are confused about the next best step for marketing strategy, messaging, and impact. Now that all of our interactions have become virtual ones, it’s time to focus on what your brand stands for, what it strives for, and what it can do for your customers.

Make Sure Your Website Works

People all over the globe are now using their home computers for work tasks. These devices may be outdated, running old software versions, and not as powerful as devices used for business purposes.

If your website is slow or has poor usability, this can frustrate potential leads now more than ever. Now is the time to think about your mobile, tablet, and desktop usability and work to improve it on all fronts.

Keep the Conversation Going

We’re firm believers that your brand’s presence on social media is critical to building a relationship with potential customers. Now that many of us stuck inside, social media has become a lifeline to the outside world.

People everywhere are leaning more heavily on social media which means your brand should have a strong presence there as well. Keep your messaging genuine, real, and entertaining and people will look for your brand’s updates daily.

Plaster Your Brand Everywhere

Consumers may be a little trigger-shy about purchasing decisions but, that just means we need to make it easy for them. Just because our way of life has been temporarily disrupted doesn’t mean the rules of advertising have changed.

Your brand should have a strong presence on the platforms your customers are consuming.


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