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Advertisers have recognized Facebook as a major contender in the digital marketing space and Facebook has responded in kind by developing unique ad formats, unmatched targeting options, and valuable insight into the consumer.

Several campaign types are available on Facebook. The Exults team will understand your marketing goals and help you select the best blend of ad types and targeting metrics for optimal ROI.

Page Engagement

If your posts are dead in the water, we can help you make some waves. With Page Engagement (or “Boosted Posts”), and a well-planned daily posting strategy, our team can help you recover from poor management and lack of engagement.

Like Building

They’ll like you- they’ll really, really like you. Developing creative that stands out and draws in users in is extremely important in making an impact on your target audience.

Local Awareness

So much foot traffic you’ll need an express lane. A successful campaign should generate foot traffic that is interested in your service and likely to buy.

Brand Awareness

We’re not afraid to toot your horn. We want to take your brand to the next level by increasing brand awareness whether your customer is visiting your store, website, or Facebook profile.

Product Ads

Show the world what you’re made of, or rather what you make. Help the customer understand your company and products by revealing just how great you are.


Did your customers forget about you? With Facebook Remarketing, we can target the audience that has already viewed your site to continue the brand experience across multiple platforms.

Event promotion

Coming soon to a store, restaurant, park, or conference room near you. Keep track of who is interested in your event while publishing updates to keep your customers in the loop.

Website Traffic

An image is worth a thousand clicks. With engaging imagery and audience evaluation, we’ll draw your clients into your website with clear call to actions.

  • Video Views

    Expand your brand awareness with engaging creative.

  • App Promotion

    Help turn fans into customers by having your brand at their fingertips.

  • Offer ads

    Show your customers the latest sales with a promo code to utilize on your website.

Internet marketing works. Let us prove it.

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