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  • Once you’ve found your target audience, you need to make sure your company’s ads are being seen by them. Seems simple, right? Not always. Using Google AdWords is like a science, and using trial and error to experiment with all the options it has to offer, you can design the perfect strategy to get your company the most lucrative ad campaign.

    When using AdWords, one adjustable setting is how often your ad rotates. Utilizing the right ad rotation helps display your ads to your target audience and eventually give you a profitable ROI. In the past, there have been four options to choose how often your ad will rotate, and it’s not always easy to choose which route is best for your goals. Starting in late September, Google is simplifying ad rotation to two settings: “optimize” and “rotate indefinitely.”

    What’s the difference?


    Using machine learning technology, Google can identify and connect keywords, search terms, the type of device used to search and where the user makes a search entry. It takes puzzle pieces and puts them together to connect users with ads that are expected to perform better than others. By using optimized ad rotation with three or more ads per ad group, you can expect a better ad performance with more clicks and impressions. This can be done through Smart Bidding.

    Rotating Indefinitely

    If you prefer to control your ads with a more personalized touch, the “Rotate Indefinitely” option is best for you. It is the easiest way to give your ads equal preference and test specific ad strategies. Google’s most significant modification is that it is now only offered indefinitely, whereas before it could be modified.

    “We don’t expect any drastic effects from this change and recommend using the optimize setting unless you have a specific A/B test where you want to control the duration and equal impression amounts. In most cases, allowing Google to test and show the best performers more quickly will be in the best interest of both the client and Google,” said Mike Nucci, a search specialist at Exults.

    Unsure which Ad rotation strategy is best for your company’s digital marketing campaign? Feel free to call us and ask which route is best for you or request a quote online today.

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