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  • 2019 is finally here. Are you prepared to stay ahead of the curve as far as your SEO marketing strategy goes?

    2018 was the year for going mobile and bulking up on serious link juice. These practices will still hold great merit this year. If you haven’t made use of them yet, now is the time to do so.

    But which SEO trends should you also prepare to implement in the new year?

    Here are 5 must-know trends that will dominate the SEO industry in 2019.

    1. Video Content

    You should continue to publish high quality, SEO content on your blog in the coming year. But you’ll want to pay special attention to your audio and visual content.

    Video content will likely account for 80% of all web traffic in 2019.

    Modern consumers are using their mobile devices now more than ever. They want to be able to process information with convenience. Videos are the best and most entertaining way to do so.

    Create videos to build awareness around your brand – and do so on a consistent basis.

    2. Voice Search

    Artificial Intelligence is already shaping the SEO industry in huge ways.

    Blog content and social media are becoming more automated. Personal assistant devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Play are here to stay.

    The ways in which we search online are also changing because AI Voice searching is on the rise. And as a result, the content we curate must appeal to the ways consumers speak and use voice search.

    3. High-Quality Content

    Voice search and video content may be taking over. But you’re still going to need to up the ante when it comes to your long-form content.

    Google wants to provide users with the best content now more than ever. There have been major changes to their algorithm as a result.
    Poor-quality, short content is taking the biggest hit. Longer content will continue to rank the highest in 2019.

    So long as it’s of the highest quality, that is.

    Include high-quality backlinks as opposed to stuffing your site with low-quality links. Delve deep into your niche and publish content people really care about.

    This leads us to our next point in the latest SEO trends…

    4. Search Intent

    A few years ago, you used to be able to rank on the SERPs by including keywords in your content. This is no longer the case.

    Nowadays, Google is better at filtering out content based on what users are searching for. This is all largely due to Google’s RankBrain, which will continue to reign in 2019.

    RankBrain is smarter when it comes to interpreting the intent behind searches. It’s better at picking up the context of information on a page and ranking for it.

    With all that said, hit the brakes on keyword density. Focus on incorporating the best keywords as naturally as possible.

    Most importantly, produce useful and meaningful information people will enjoy reading. After all, the mantra in 2019 for search engine trends is all about quality.

    5. Google’s Mobile-First Index

    Google is not only looking for the best of the best when it comes to content. In 2018, they debuted their mobile-first index. With this new index, they’ll rank mobile-optimized websites above all else.

    If your website is not responsive for mobile devices, get on that as soon as possible. Make sure your site’s structured data is the same for mobile devices and desktops.

    You should continue to produce easy-to-read content for mobile users. When you publish videos and images, make sure they resonate well on mobile devices.

    Dominate the SERPs with 2019’s SEO Trends

    The ways in which websites rank on search engines may be changing. Luckily, there’s still time to go into 2019 with your marketing game on point.

    By following these SEO trends, your business will reign on the search engines. But don’t forget about your web design strategy! To make sure your game stays strong, put these web design trends to good use in 2019.

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