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  • There have been reports that there may be a deal in the works between search engine mega organization Google and social media outlets TikTok and Instagram. This deal would allow TikTok and Instagram to be indexed by Google, meaning that the content from the applications would appear in the search engine’s results feed.

    Although this information has been neither confirmed nor denied, this is a possibility that companies must prepare for by making adjustments to their current SEO strategies.

    The following information will explore the significance between SEO and social media, our current digital environment, and what this potential deal would mean for all organizations.

    Benefits of Social Media Accounts

    Social Media management

    Organizations utilize social media outlets because they provide a means of reaching and engaging with a vast range of audiences, increasing public relations, and promoting their brand. There are several ways that these outlets can be used to improve business operations, including:

    • Sharing Community Engagements
    • Posting Articles, Blogs, Press Releases
    • Networking with Other Professionals
    • Sharing Promotions and/or Coupons
    • Increasing Google Search Rankings

    These methods have the potential to increase the visibility and reputation of your organization. The majority of traffic that websites receive from social media is due to networking and sharing with other users.

    What Are TikTok and Instagram?

    Does google index TikTok

    Many businesses already use social media outlets Facebook and Twitter. These outlets allow businesses to share their photos, videos, articles, and more with audiences all over the world. Both Facebook and Twitter are indexed by Google.

    Instagram and TikTok are newer applications. Many businesses have yet to take advantage of these social media outlets because of their lack of Google indexing, the short lifespan of posts, limited capabilities, and younger audience demographic.


    Instagram is a social media application that was not integrated for Windows 10 until October of 2016. Developed by Facebook, Inc., Instagram appeals to a lighthearted audience of mostly female young adults. This is because Instagram is driven by a community of users who share photos, rather than written content, making it easier to avoid politics, news, and quarrels.


    TikTok is a social media site that has become fairly popular in recent years among younger audiences. The application launched in 2016 and has over a billion users all over the world. Users post short videos, sharing routines, recipes, performing, advertising and more.

    Social Media’s Effect on Google Search Rankings

    Does social media affect SEO

    For several years, companies have utilized social media to increase their relevance on Google search engines.


    Currently, Twitter is the most indexed social media website on google. This is due to a deal made in 2015 when Google agreed to post individual tweets in their results feed in exchange for compensation.


    Googlebot also crawls Facebook pages in search of content that is potentially indexed in their database. Although not as deeply connected as Twitter, there are vast opportunities on Facebook to network with big spenders.

    TikTok and Instagram

    It is likely that a potential deal with TikTok and Instagram would result in the search engine listing TikTok videos and Instagram photos in their search result feed.

    This May Benefit All Businesses

    This possibility would potentially create a new environment for Google Search where potential consumers can discover both written and video content. This would provide all businesses and audiences the opportunity to explore the same search platform.

    Expanding Google’s index to include TikTok and Instagram content could be beneficial for organizations in numerous sectors. This could lead to an increase in search volume on the platform, increasing visibility for all brands. For example, this could entice younger audiences to interact with new brands.

    How To Get Your Social Media Account Indexed by Google

    Doe social media affect SEO ranking

    Google scans the web regularly for new websites to determine which are reputable and relevant sources of content. It can be difficult for many businesses to increase and maintain their web presence online. There are things that can be done to increase this likelihood, including:

    • Update Content Regularly
    • Reindex Your Page on Google Search Console
    • Network
    • Like, Share, Comment

    The most important aspect of acquiring and maintaining relevance in search engines is through regular page maintenance and engagement. Many businesses choose to hire professional SEO services and/or social media management agencies.

    Social Media Management

    Can SEO improve with social media

    There is a significant link between an organization’s social media presence and SEO. Google evaluates your brand’s worthiness based on how relevant your company is in terms of the number of likes, shares, retweets, and comments. It is important to choose your outlets based on the unique demographic of audiences.

    There may be more than one account that would be beneficial to your business. Some companies choose to hire an in-house digital marketing account manager. This is an effective strategy but often more expensive than hiring an outside agency. There are digital marketing agencies that offer their clients a full range of internet marketing campaign services.

    Exults Provides Social Media Management Services

    Social media management for SEO

    Exults is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in developing effective social media campaigns for organizations across numerous industries. Exults is proud to assist in the creation, management, and public relations aspects required to operate a successful social media campaign.

    Exults also provides additional services to help brands reach their unique goals, including:

    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Website Design
    • WooCommerce Development
    • Digital Branding
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Metaverse Development

    Their team of experienced marketing professionals are happy to create custom plans that cater to the needs and budgets of their clients.

    Contact Exults Today

    How to improve SEO

    Reach out to Exults today to learn more about what social media development, campaign management, and search engine optimization could do for your organization. A full list of services can be found on their website.


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