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  • With even small businesses now spending around $75,000 a year on digital marketing, it’s vital for everyone to find ways to cut corners without cutting quality.

    If you’re not putting a social media campaign strategy together for your brand, you’re missing out on an inexpensive way to engage with your audience. You could connect with millions of new people for free with the right pitch.

    Here are three reasons to prioritize social media campaigns this year.

    1. Go Viral

    One of the most obvious ways that a social media campaign drives new clients to your business is when your posts go viral. By looking at the type of content that people want from brands like yours, you get an insight into what you should be creating. Study other brands in your market and see what types of posts get the most feedback and engagements

    When you craft your own campaign around what people like, you’re sure to capture a completely new audience. There’s no perfect algorithm for getting the same people to respond to your posts every time. That’s why it’s important to offer variety in your posts so that you’re always catching new people in your net.

    2. Humanize Your Brand

    With a social media campaign, you get the chance to let people see behind the curtain of your company and your brand. When you humanize your brand in a sincere way, you give your audience the chance to see who’s really behind the brand that they love. In this era, audiences expect more from brands and expect to be able to learn about them in new and sincere ways.

    If you make the effort to humanize your brand, you give people a stronger connection to how your products and services come about. This allows them to see their place in your world and to want to share their positive feelings with their own audience.

    3. Show Powerful Connections

    One of the best things about social media is the ability to send a photo to millions of people in the click of a button. When you have this power, you can show your audience things they would have to have visited your offices in the past to find out.

    If a celebrity uses your products and services, share that with your audience to tell them how great your brand is.

    Even better, just share some of the photos of your best and most loyal customers. You’ll win their favor and make them happy they work with your brand. When you show customers that you appreciate them, you’ll win lifelong loyalty.

    The Right Social Media Campaign Drives Sales

    If you’re not making social media campaigns your top priority in the next year, you’re going to leave money on the table. There’s a lot to gain from a strong social media campaign and with the right approach, you’ll connect with a whole new audience.

    To better generate leads with social media, check out our latest guide.

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