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  • In today’s technological age, nearly anyone can design and run a website. But not everyone succeeds at making said website truly popular.

    A website is so much more than pretty pictures and text. It takes planning, well-written content, and functionality to stand out from the rest.

    At the end of the day, the success of a website hinges on how user-friendly it is. Learn more about the key elements of a user-friendly website and how to win over your audience.

    5 Important Elements of a User-Friendly Website 

    Many businesses make the mistake of prioritizing aesthetics or website information over website usability.

    Usability is essential to the success and relevance of your website. Without it, what use does your customer have with it?

    Time is of the essence these days. Your customer is looking for a website that loads quickly, is easily navigable and provides just the right amount of information.

    Here are the key elements of website design for ultimate user-friendly functionality.

    1. Simple Website Navigation

    A website that is well-planned and easy to navigate is paramount to how user-friendly it is. You simply need to ensure that it’s easy for your customer to find what they’re looking for.

    Keep each page title short and concise. Organize your web pages methodically and don’t overcrowd your menu bar. Make sure your contact details are clearly visible on every web page.

    2. Aesthetic Appeal

    Yes, aesthetic appeal is important, but it’s not everything! Make sure your website looks good by using professional, high-quality images and a simple layout.

    Make sure your branding and website design are consistent with one another to ensure your website is recognizable.

    3. Responsive / Mobile Compatibility 

    Today, most people search for websites from their mobile phones. A website that is scalable and responsive to this is vital.

    Make sure your website is well optimized for mobile use – that each web page scales down to a mobile-size screen and is easily navigable.

    Test the mobile compatibility of your website with Google mobile tester!

    4. Simple, Scannable Content

    As mentioned, time is not a luxury many people have these days. Large blocks of long-winded content on your website won’t suffice anymore.

    Most internet users tend to skim over content until they find the information they’re looking for. Make sure your content is concise and is clearly defined by large, bold headings.

    Split up your content into sub-headings, small paragraphs, and bullet lists to help break it up and make it easily scannable.

    5. Quick Loading Time 

    Finally, one of the most important factors for website success is web page load time. You have a very small window to capture your customer’s attention. Anything longer than 6 seconds, and you may lose a website visitor!

    Slow page load times also negatively affect your search engine ranking, meaning your website is less likely to show up in Google searches.

    Third-party website plugins, widgets, social media pages, video and images that are too large all affect the speed of your website.

    Looking For Professional Website Design?

    If you’re looking for a user-friendly website, our team at Exults is your go-to for internet success!

    Whether it’s a website overhaul or a completely new design, we have the vision and experience to take you from concept to completion.

    Learn more about our mobile compatibility web design services, here.


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