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  • dog taking snapchat photoAs Snapchat becomes more popular with older adults as well as teens and college students, it continues to grow its e-commerce options. With all the novel features, some people are calling the platform New Snapchat. Keep reading to learn more about e-commerce and ads on Snapchat.

    The Snap Store

    The Snap Store is inside the Snapchat app’s Discover section. It primarily sells Snapchat-branded merchandise, including hats, shirts, mugs, and fun accessories. There’s even a dancing hot dog plushie. This new store isn’t making a profit yet, but other brands could eventually sell merchandise on the site by paying a fee to Snapchat. The store currently increases traffic and provides free marketing through branded items.

    Sponsored Geofilters

    Geofilters provide effective, affordable ways to promote your business and increase brand awareness. They’re location-specific overlays that users can add to their photos or snaps. For example, people who attend one of your events can add a clever caption or an attractive frame to the selfies they take there and share them with their friends. Since geofilters don’t contain direct links, monitoring the success rates of these ads can be more difficult than with other methods.

    Ads In-Between Stories & On the Explore Page

    The latest update on Snapchat was a huge deal for users and for brands, but for different reasons. The whole interface was completely new. How did it change? Well in the past you had a chronological list of your personal snaps and a separate chronological list of all of your snapchat friends’ stories. After the update, the stories page was completely revamped to be mostly branded content with a new interface featuring articles and content only from promoted brands, featuring advertisements. This created a HUGE source of income for snapchat and subsequently a HUGE change for users. Now brands can advertise in a more central location and more easily (but not at a cheap price).

    Although most social media updates cause a lot of adjusting (TBT to when Instagram changed its logo icon), the recent Snapchat update has caused a huge decline in active users.

    TBD on if users will happily adapt or if Snapchat will face the decline and be replaced by Instagram.

    Stories and Snaps

    Stories are short videos. They’re usually funny, and you can use them to promote your brand without spending lots of money. For example, a makeup brand could show several people trying the latest line of lipsticks. You can also encourage your customers to share separate snaps of themselves while they’re using your product or service.

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