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  • One of the most powerful tools in an internet marketing campaign is paid search PPC (Pay Per Click). You’re accustomed to seeing paid search in the form of Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Assuming you have a good website and a quality product, PPC can drive serious results for your business. In fact, we get offended if you tell us PPC doesn’t work…because it’s plain not true.

    As part of a series of in-office interviews, here’s  a rapid fire interview with our Agency Director/ PPC “Historian Of The Game” Danielle Enzinna


    What’s the most important tip when it comes to PPC?

    Negative keywords can make or break an account.

    When someone tells you PPC doesn’t work, you tell them ____________ .

    You’re just managing it wrong.

    Why should people care about Bing?

    It’s an entirely different audience. Also, Bing holds 18.7% of search engine market share.

    What’s the coolest new feature of AdWords?

    Auction Insights. It tells you who you are competing against for ad space.

    Why is important to bid on your own brand name?

    If you don’t, your competitors will. If someone is looking for your brand, they should always find it

    What’s the most expensive keyword you’ve ever come across?

    “Ac Repair” with an $80.00 click cost only getting the advertiser position #8. Click costs increase exponentially as you climb the results page, so I can only image what the number one spot costs for that keyword.

    How much does it cost to bid on the word “the”?

    Locally: $.02

    Nationally: $1.47

    Without worrying about gender, which character on The Office are you?

    Unfortunately, I think I’m Dwight.

    Dwight PPC image

    If you’re looking to drive more conversions through your website, don’t hesitate to call us and ask us about our PPC services. We’d be glad to help. Read more about our PPC department here. 

    What character from The Office are you?


Internet marketing works. Let us prove it.

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