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  • Search engines have continued to evolve since their inception, demanding us to come up with newer, more effective methods for targeting ads, attracting audiences, and ranking highly on Google. Now, with artificial intelligence at the forefront of technology, how will SEO change? And will that change be for the better?

    How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping SEO

    The artificial intelligence revolution is already upon us. Between automated blog content, social media posts, and chatbots, it’s taking a more prominent place in the digital world. AI algorithms are improving at a breakneck pace, which is both thrilling and scary for marketers.

    On the one hand, AI will make it easier to effectively target content and deliver it to relevant customers with little to no effort. On the other, AI technology is developing faster than most marketers can keep up. Not only that, but it has the potential to make certain jobs obsolete.

    Despite the negative prospects, one thing is clear: artificial intelligence will play a major role in the SEO of tomorrow. Keywords, targeted ads, metrics, and other forms of data will become increasingly automated, providing real-time data aggregation solutions in ways we’ve never dreamed.

    Forging a New Marketing Path

    With artificial intelligence coming to prominence, marketers have access to more opportunities than ever before. Consider the fact that the Associated Press has been using algorithms to create more than 3,000 articles every quarter. AI will usher in an era of perfected keyword optimization and accuracy, and it will touch universal marketing efforts regardless of niche or industry.

    Don’t fall behind when AI changes the face of digital marketing as we know it. Contact Exults at 866-999-4736 to request a quote. From custom websites to mobile compatibility, we can assist with all your current and future digital marketing needs, even as times change.

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