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  • Engagement is key to gaining and retaining customers, and surveys may play a role in boosting engagement even though your primary objective with surveys might be to perform market research. Learn a bit more about how surveys can serve this dual purpose.

    Surveys Let People Know You Care

    When you issue surveys, you’re inviting people to get involved with you. In effect, you’re saying that you want to open a dialogue.

    When you’re designing your survey, be sure to include open-ended questions as well as multiple choice. The multiple-choice questions will give you quantitative data that you can use to improve the way you do business, while the open-ended questions will give you a more insightful look into what your customers are thinking. They might bring things to your attention that you never considered before.

    You Can Offer Discounts

    When you’re looking for survey participants, offer a reward. After the survey is completed, you might give people a percentage off their next purchase from you. You could even give them a small freebie. Advertising the incentive along with the survey may attract more customers to your business. If what you’re offering is significant enough, participants might even share the link to your survey on social media.

    Use the Data to Attract Customers

    After the survey is finished, you’re going to have a boatload of data in front of you. By analyzing it, you can identify your business’s weak spots and strive to improve. If the vast majority of survey respondents complained about something specific, you can start advertising your new way of doing things after you make adjustments. The result may be a better relationship with the public and a greater number of customers.

    Digital marketing using surveys isn’t easy, which is why you should enlist help from the experts. Contact Exults today to discover all the benefits of working with experienced digital marketing professionals.

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