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  • facebook growthIn the wake of a global internet privacy crisis, Facebook continues to maintain its central position in the digital economy, proven by its recent earnings report.

    Facebook posted soaring revenue and profit in its first earnings report following privacy concerns, shocking many analysts’ predictions. Revenue rose nearly 50% to $11.97 billion, and quarterly per share profit increased from $1.04 to $1.69. Even more, net income rose 63% to nearly $5 billion, compared with $3.06 billion a year ago.

    Despite involvement in the Cambridge Analytica data breach involvement, Facebook hasn’t seen any signs of a decrease in advertising, which is the platform’s top line profit generator.

    Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer said that the company hadn’t seen a “meaningful trend” of advertisers fleeing the platform amid the criticism of its privacy practices.

    So how is Facebook continuing to thrive?

    Facebook’s business model is fluid and easily adaptive to privacy regulations. Despite future changes in user’s privacy policies, the social platform will still be able to deliver targeted advertising.

    In a call with analysts, Facebook’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said, “We also need to keep moving forward, building new tools to help people connect, build community, and bring the world closer together.”

    Facebook’s overall user base is 2.2 billion and continues to grow by the millions each month. This further enhances the effectiveness of using the platform for targeted advertising.

    Facebook isn’t just a social platform, but a community where people can connect based on what they are interested in.

    Thus, it is clearly a missed opportunity if you’re not using it to target your audience to generate meaningful leads and communicate with your customers.

    Based on the goals of each business, the advanced targeting options available on the Facebook ad network provide the ability to create highly targeted campaigns that will reach people most likely to turn into customers. Facebook campaigns can be so uniquely customized, you are able to target locations, careers, interests, relationship status, and more. Because each campaign can be so fine-tuned, it guarantees that the right people are being targeted to get you the most valuable business.

    If you are interested in using targeted advertisement to create meaningful leads and engagement, contact Exults Internet Marketing Agency today!


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