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  • If your paid Google search ads aren’t getting the ad impressions and conversions you want, here’s why it might be time to update them.

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    Does your business currently have sponsored search ads as part of your advertising budget? If so, your ads might not be showing ad impressions as frequent as before. Your ads haven’t gone away or changed, but the algorithm might have.

    Let’s take a look at why you need to update your ads, and how updating them could impact how often they are served to your audience.


    Impact of Ad Impressions

    AdWords expanded text ads were just released recently. If you’re not using them, you’re missing out. Google doesn’t plan on getting rid of the old, smaller ad format but you likely beat out your competition by upgrading to the new ad format.

    Why does this matter to you? People who have already upgraded to the new ad format are receiving up to 15% more clicks on their ads. The average change advertisers are seeing is between 15-20% more. This puts them far ahead of the competition that is not using these new formats.

    A/B Testing

    The best thing to do if you’re thinking about migrating over is to A/B test the new ad format. It doesn’t work for every advertiser. If your ads are already clear and straight to the point, the new format might be detrimental.

    If you choose to migrate over, using A/B testing of any new ads to compare analytics is the way to go. Keep your old ads running and start your new ads for a timeframe of 30 days or more. If they perform better than your current ads, pause your old ones and move to the new format!

    The New Ad Format

    Expanded text ads have text limits that are double standard text ads. They display on all devices, from desktop to mobile. They are formatted on mobile to display a long description with a large headline. One of the main differences is that they are optimized for mobile display as search results show mobile view is increasing.

    Reasons You Need to Switch Over

    1. Almost 70% of Google AdWords accounts have at least one expanded text ad. With increased text space in ads, you’re able to stand out from your competition and say more about your brand.
    2. Expanded text ads are difficult to write, but once you’ve found your language, they put you a step above your competition. Many people are backing out of using them because of their difficulty.
    3. Click-through rates are increasing by 28% with expanded text ads. This increase happened over a 30-day period.
    4. Expanded text ads aren’t limited to just Google. Bing ads also released them, meaning the click-through rate increased on more than one platform.
    5. There’s 30% of advertisers in all industries that haven’t adopted the new ad format yet. This gives you leverage over those who aren’t using expanded text ads.

    Switch Today

    If you’re looking for an increase in ad impressions, switching over to the new ad format will provide a great return. Click-through rates are growing, and you’ll have a special advantage in advertising over those who have yet to adopt the new ads.

    If you’re interested in more industry trends and news, check out this post today!


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