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  • You’ve heard about how important your law firm’s digital footprint is. But how do you know if investing in digital marketing for your law firm will be worth it? Digital marketing is much more analytical and detail-oriented than you may realize. There’s plenty of strategy, time, and effort that goes into creating and executing a strong online marketing plan.

    If your law firm hasn’t updated its website in a while, only posts on social media, and doesn’t provide valuable content leading your audience back to your website, it’s time to think of another digital marketing solution. 

    Maximize your marketing budget with digital marketing experts. Contact Exults today.

    What Are The Risks Of Not Investing In Digital Marketing For Your Law Firm?

    Here are 4 major downsides for law firms that don’t invest in digital marketing for their businesses.

    1. Your Digital Marketing Strategy Goes Stale

    When you think about digital marketing for law firms, what comes to mind? Many law firms think having a social media page and/or a website is more than enough to make an impact. 

    However, digital marketing means more than producing a few social media captions and having a running website. Not investing in digital marketing for your law firm leaves your overall strategy at the risk of going stale. This is because many aspects of your digital marketing experience ebb and flow, similar to your law firm. 

    To clarify – what’s working today to bring in new business or retain existing business won’t necessarily work tomorrow, next month, or even a year later.

    What Does A Solid Digital Marketing Strategy Include For Law Firms?

    Between case studies, research, legal processes, and everything in between, your firm and its attorneys probably don’t have any spare time for digital marketing. This is exactly why 65% of firms spend their marketing budget on online marketing for law firms.

    Having a digital marketing team like Exults on your side takes the extra load off of you and your firm’s to-do list. You can expect your digital marketing professionals to strategize an online marketing plan that includes your firm’s:

    • Website efficiency
    • Search engine optimization (SEO) ranking
    • Blog performance
    • Social media following 
    • Social media content
    • Paid advertising
    • Email marketing

    You can think of every aspect of your digital marketing strategy as multiple moving parts of a machine. The entire machine only works well when every moving part is maintained, allowing your digital marketing agency to answer questions behind the scenes like:

    What blog topics performed best last quarter?

    What is the click-through rate (CTR) of last month’s email newsletters?

    Are there enough call-to-action buttons on the website?

    Where is your traffic coming from and is it the right traffic for your business?

    Is anyone using the contact form?

    These questions are only a handful of what many digital marketers work through daily to remain competitive online.

    2. Your Law Firm Blends In Or Is Buried By The Competition

    If you feel as though your law firm is getting lost online, it’s typically because of the following:

    No one knows who you are. Do a quick review of your law firm’s website. Your website should be attractive in its design and easy to digest regarding its content. Your website should tell a story about your law firm, team, services, specialties, and most importantly – how to get started. Your contact information including your law firm’s name, address, and phone number should be visible on every page. Remember, your website may seem like it’s all about you, but your messaging should speak to your target audience.

    Your digital marketing efforts are not being measured. Measuring your content’s progress is where fine-tuning your messaging fits in. For example, if results repeatedly show that your audience responds better when reading certain words or phrases, it’s time to use this information to align your content with what your audience wants to see. But that’s not all. You also need to consider your SEO goals and include various keywords throughout your copy to peak engagement through different search engines.

    You are not producing unique content regularly. Having a blog, newsletter, and lead magnets available for download has a huge impact on your online presence. It’s this type of content that boosts your Google ranking, brings more traffic to your website, and places your law firm as a known expert in your industry. 

    Teaming up with a digital marketing agency allows you to use the expertise of professional copywriters, graphic designers, SEO specialists, and more to create intentional copy for your target audience.

    Don’t have time to produce or rewrite content? Refresh your digital marketing strategy with Exults.

    3. Social Media Is Not Enough

    Social media can be an incredible platform to offer updates and advertise your law firm’s services. However, using only social media is an extremely slow growth plan compared to other options. 

    1 in 5 law firms have a professional handle their website maintenance. This is vital for a law firm’s growth as measured results allow you to adjust, tweak, and ensure optimal performance on both desktop and mobile devices. In fact, 47% of users won’t wait longer than 2 seconds for a website to load before abandoning it, which makes mobile compatibility a must.

    4. Not Taking Advantage Of Your Marketing Budget’s Full Potential

    You may have one or several people in-house managing your digital marketing, which is an asset to your team. But if they wear many hats on top of this responsibility, you could be missing out on additional opportunities. Because, without the time or expertise to begin with, where do you start?

    Digital marketing professionals have a myriad of tools and strategies on hand to deliver the results you expect. More importantly, they have the time needed to dedicate their attention to your online progress. This means that hiring a digital marketing expert offers potential cost savings compared to purchasing the same online tools yourself. 

    Digital Marketing Results Are The Real Deal

    Equipping your law firm with a digital marketing team frees up you and your team to do the work that matters to you most. This way, all attorneys in your firm have more bandwidth to focus on acquiring and winning cases. 

    Whether you’re in the courtroom or the office, your digital marketing team is…

    • Regularly measuring your results
    • Producing valuable content
    • Managing your social media accounts
    • Tracking your potential clients
    • Reengaging former clients

    …And so much more.

    Start Seeing Results With The Top Digital Marketing Agency For Law Firms

    The risk of not investing in digital marketing for your law firm is too high. Especially as online usage continues to increase, it’s more important than ever to have a bold online presence and maintain it as your goals advance. 

    Take your law firm to the next level of digital progress. Start online marketing for your law firm today.

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